Serving The Richmond Metropolitan Area since 1991



Alternate Service Companies

Carroll L. 
Mickens, Jr. (Mr. Electric)  Master Electrician 804-793-9955
Dement Energy Services - 804-678-9956

Metal Railings|
Greendale Railings - 8401 Oakview Ave. Richmond, VA 23228
Office - (804)-266-2664 Fax - (804)-266-3667

Slate Roofing
Jamie Ryland - 804-648-4525

Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning
Kohmar -
Jason Kohring - 804-382-9873

Fibrglass Roofing, Skylights, and Whole House Gutter Installation
CL Wright Roofing - 804-378-7011

Christmas Light Parts & Supplies
Christmas Light Source - 4313 Elmwood Drive Benbrook, TX. 76116 - 817-926-4877

Lawn Maintenance
All Season Lawn & Home - Wes Sprouse - 804-397-2051


While we would like to help you with all your home maintenace needs, we realize you may need services we do not provide.

Listed here are companies we recommend for such services.

These companies service the same localities we do.

We have no association with these companies, but they have been recommended by our customers who consider them reliable for their needs.