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Handyman On Call 
Scheduled Service Program

The Handyman On Call Scheduled Service Agreement offers a cost effective way to keep to your home well maintained with a set annual budget, select routine maintenance performed automatically, plus value added flexibility to leverage time saved from regular maintenance on your home to perform additional services on an as needed basis with an additional increase in cost.

These are the same services we offer on-demand, but they are performed on a regular schedule and doing so allows you to take advantage of cost saving benefits of scheduling maintenance on a regular basis.

How does this work?

We offer three distinct levels of residential maintenance plans, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each offering automated maintenance on a schedule. Each plan offers features bundled appropriate for distinct house sizes to cover specific maintenance needs at that level.

Theses bundles are presented as annual hourly packages whose hours are calculated based on the time normally used to perform the covered maintenance provided in that level of service when they are performed on-demand.

Since many of these services can be completed in less time when performed on a regular schedule, additional unused time can be appropriated for other uses, something we do not offer with services when performed on demand. Because we track time used with our scheduled maintenance, we can offer to perform addition maintenance services outside the scope of the automated services presented in each bundle.


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