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Terms of Service

Metro General Services, LLC specializes in exterior maintenance services for single family residential dwellings. We are a membership based concierge contracting service.

Membership may be payed as an annual fee for on-demand services, or when you purchase a Scheduled Service plan for automated maintenance.

We are licensed in the State of Virginia as a class "C" contractor, DPOR #2705183173, and and subject to that class limitations.


$450 minimum labor charge per service call - man hour rate: $225 per man hour.

On-Demand Service Membership

Annual Fee $399 - man hour rate: $105 per man hour.

Upon paying the annual membership fee of $399, clients may access any service offered by Metro General Services at the posted time and material rate or may request a whole job quote. Quoted whole job services must be pre-paid, time and material services will require a credit card on file and will be charged out within 72 hours of issuance of final billing for that service call.

Your annual membership also includes up to 4 on-site estimates and 2 site inspections per year. All other services will be subject to either pre-payment or billing, as noted previously. additional on-site estimates are $105 (credited towards estimated work, if estimate is accepted within 30 days)

If you choose not to pay your membership under a recurring annual plan, you will be required to pay the annual membership prior to obtaining additional services, if your membership is expired.

We offer a 10% discount when your purchase 3 years of membership as one payment.

Annual membership fee is waived with a single job purchase that contains $1200 or more in labor costs.

Scheduled Service Plans

Man hour rate for plans is based on a discounted rate of $69.90. If you exceed the time in your plan, additional time will bill at $95 per man hour. Large and Light Pack Plans may purchase additional 10 hour bundles; at the more discounted labor rate, as a single payment. You may purchase plans every January or June, January purchases receive the full time bundle balance, June purchases are prorated 50%. All service plans auto-renew every January 1st unless you cancel as outlined below.

Scheduled Service is performed using an annual bundle of manhours ranging from 10 to 30. By selecting a plan of sufficient time for the service demands of your home, you can automate a number of maintenance services such as gutter cleaning, house washing, carpentry and painting, Christmas light installation, exterior light maintenance, etc.

You may use this plan for any service that we normally perform and the labor, up to the manhour limit of your plan, is covered. Material costs for things like caulk, paints, lumber, nails, screws, cleaning chemicals, etc are billed separately from your service agreement payments.

You may select any size time bundle for your home, with the understanding that if you choose a bundle too small you may occur additional labor charges during the year at our normal labor rates once your time bundle is used up.

Unused time will rollover into the next year, upon renewal of your service agreement.

We use invoices to track your payments, the time that is used, and your material charges. All invoices are subject to the terms of service posted at our website -

Payment of Plan fees: If you choose to pay monthly, you will receive an invoice on or about the 20th of each month requesting payment for the next months plan installment charge. If you pay annually you will receive a single invoice around January 20th for the next years service agreement time bundle cost. Annual payments reflect a 10% discount over monthly installments. Please note, all payments for time bundles are non-refundable, but time purchased does not expire.

Late monthly installments will delay scheduling of service calls until payments are brought up to date.

Service Call and Time Used: Each time we schedule a service call you will receive an invoice in advance that ALWAYS has a $0.00 value. This is the tracking invoice that we use to track the time you use and a description of what services we will be performing at that visit. This invoice will be adjusted, as needed, to reflect accurate time usage and services performed once the service call is complete. The date on the invoice is the date we are scheduled to appear; if multiple dates are needed for a service, we will note that in an addendum line on the invoice.

Each Service Plan Bundle has maximum number of visits per year that are included for performing services. Each individual visit to your home is treated as a separate service call. Once you have exceeded the maximum number of service calls for your plan, we will deduct 15-45 minutes of travel time to your home (based on your distance from our base of operations in Glen Allen), from your bundle of hours.

Time charges will be billed in 15 minute increments for each team member present, with time beginning when we arrive on site and ending when our vehicle pulls away. We use the daily timeline in Google Maps to track time on site. For reasons of safety, you may not request fewer team members for any services involving use of ladders, power equipment, any chemicals, or any service deemed hazardous. In cases where time is a factor, we may increase the team size in order to complete larger services. The team size we will be using will be noted on the invoice whenever it is more or less than a two man team.

Material Costs: If we supply materials for your service call, these materials will be charged to you via a separate invoice that ALWAYS has a value above $0.00. You will only receive this invoice if we supply materials for your service call, you have a choice to provide any construction materials yourself. If you keep a payment on file with us, you will be charged for these materials within 72 hours of service call completion. If custom materials are required or material costs exceed $100, such materials must be paid up front.

Material invoicing will also be used for dumping fees or other service based fees we incur providing service to you. All materials and fees are subject to our standard 40% mark-up.

Unless you designate otherwise, we perform the following services, in descending order and up to the manhour limit of your plan, automatically during the year, using materials appropriate to complete the service:

Gutter cleaning (February/March, May/June, September/October, November/December) If you have a plan that is smaller than recommended for your home size we may restrict visits to May/June and November/December so that time remains to perform other services, while still cleaning during critical material fall periods.

Pressure washing (March/April, June/July, September/October) If you have delicate plants that may be injured by cleaning we will schedule you for March/April or September/October. If plants are not a consideration, we will schedule for June/July, after the spring pollen has fallen. Pressure washing includes house, patios, decks, concrete walkways.

Carpentry and Painting (January, April/May, August-October) This includes spot repairs and spot painting, as needed to arrest or prevent water damage.

Christmas Lights (November, December, January) You must opt-in for this service, when you sign up. We will install Christmas lights for your home, using lights either provided by you or lights we lease to you. Lights are removed and re-packed in January, usually after Epiphany (January 6). We can also schedule other months for light displays such as St Patrick’s Day (February/March), Independence Day (June/July), and Halloween.

All other services, such as but not limited to, minor electrical, minor plumbing, crawlspace services, may be performed on an automatic schedule at your request, subject to the manhour limits of your time bundle. You may also change the scheduling of your scheduled services within the limits of our scheduling.

Other than overflow scheduling for pressure washing or Independence Day lights (June/July), no other scheduled services will be performed in July.

Requests to change scheduled services, make on-demand service call requests, or other questions may be e-mailed or faxed to us or you can text us at the business phone number.

Lights Pack Plan

The Lights Pack plan is a 20 man-hour service bundle that includes storage fee for off-site storage of your holiday lights we install for you. We will provide liquid tight storage boxes, desiccants, as well as pre-testing your lights before we bring lights to your site for installation. Any time not used for light installation, may be used for any service, as with any other service plan.

We do not require the lights pack plan for installing your holiday lights. You may use any service plan or the On-demand membership for installing holiday lights.

Renewal, Cancelling or Changing Service

Your service will automatically renew for the same time bundle every January 1, unless we determine that your scheduled service usage requires a larger or smaller bundle, in which case your plan will be automatically adjusted to fit your scheduled service needs.

Unused time in a plan will rollover into the next year, if your plan is renewed. You may cancel your plan at any time, but any unused time accrued will be converted to a credit memo for use against future on-demand service, no refunds will be issued. If you have used more time than you have paid for under monthly installment, a final bill will be issued for time overage at our standard non-member labor rates.

You may choose to change the size of your service plan at any time with written notice (e-mail, fax, or text), changes will go into effect at the next billing cycle (usually around the 20th of each month). If your changes reduces your plan size, causing you to exceed the manhours used that year for your new plan, you will be billed for the overage hours at our standard labor rates.

Warranty On Work
Unless otherwise expressed in writing on your work order, invoice, or finalized receipt, all work performed is guaranteed for 30 days from the date of completion of said work. Any deficiencies in workmanship reported within the 30 day period will be subject to one (1) follow-up remediation visit at no additional labor charge.

New construction work for decks and fencing carry a warranty of one (1) year from date of completion, once payment in full has been received.

Privacy Policy
All information provided to Metro General Services will not be sold or be provided to 3rd parties without your express written permission.

Contact John Mills at 804.475.2243 for questions about our terms of service.